The New Body Bar

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

I did this tape today for I think the third or fourth time. I've had it for maybe a year and for some reason it's never made it's way into regular rotation (as is the case with all 4 Body Bar tapes I own) but I feel like I can't give up on them so I haven't traded any of them. I'll just give you general impressions of this one.

The warm-up is nice and pretty typical of Keli's warm-ups. Sweeping side stretch-type moves, but some lateral movement too, and it felt long (not a bad thing). Background exercisers are Sherry Catlin and Alain Bissainthe.

Keli does upper and lower body moves back-and-forth throughout the workout. For instance, in one section she does a set of step-up and -downs off the step on one leg, then a set of biceps curls, then the other leg, then another set of biceps curls. She does static lunges with one leg on step, which are great and very effective. She hits every major muscle group in this tape; in fact the only thing I think we didn't hit directly is calves, but they got worked in other exercises. All the classics are here: squats, plies, triceps dips, biceps curls as I mentioned, lat rows, fill in the blank. There are also a couple of other ones that you don't see over and over, like tricep work lying on step (forget the name) and another exercise where you lie on the step and bring your arms which are straight, all the way back over your head and then back again(forget the name here, too).
all exercises are done with varying tempo, such as 3 2up 2down, 3 3up, 1 down, 3 1up, 3down, 3 pulse. All exercises are performed this way, usually for one set except I think the legs (lunges, squats, stepups) got 8 reps of 2up 2 downs, then the three varying tempos. I know it doesn't sound like much, and in all honesty it's not, if you're used to Cathe for instance, but those varying tempos really do getcha, and it's almost like power hour lite (okay, extra lite) because you do still feel it, you feel worked (I did ).
Abs, I'm sorry to say, only got the 3-reg, 3-3-3 varying tempo reps(12 in all). I guess one would expect more, seeing that this is Keli Roberts here, but it's actually fine because you are in fact using your abs during the whole workout for stabilization, as Keli reminds you to do during the whole workout, and also, it's not called The New Body Bar Ab Workout, so it's a-okay. I can always pop in more ab work from elsewhere if I feel the need.

There is some leg floor work at the end for inner, outer and hamstrings right before the abs.

The stretch is very good and done mostly on the step, which I like. It's fun.

The cueing, I must say, is excellent. Keli is just awesome. She's clear, concise, and shows you what your stance should be and how to acheive it. This tape will not disappoint Keli fans, and will probably make new ones.

All in all, why don't I do this tape more??? I feel nice and definitely worked out, yet it doesn't totally flatten me like
what can happen with an advanced tape, where I can be sore for 2 or 3 days and while I might feel accomplished, it can force me to reorganize my schedule for the week. I think I'll be fine tomorrow.
Grade: A

Instructor Comments:
I love Keli's instruction and demeanor. She is extremely knowledgeable and generous with her knowledge. She's fantastic!

Kathy Weller