The New Body Bar

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

Given the already detailed reviews, I just wanted to add some insight into what you can do with this video.

Whereas it is done on VO with a bodybar, I substitute heavy weights and a 35 lb. barbell and I think that this way you can get a really solid, advanced workout.

It means you have to switch weights sometimes, since I find it hard to use the barbell for some of the moves.... but I feel like I am really getting a strength-gaining workout, rather than purely "toning", when I increase the weights.

The workout itself is wonderfully thorough and a good alternative to Cathe or Firm days.

Instructor Comments:
excellent cueing, good form, and motivating. also, i like the fact that she is "real" and not as ditzy as some othe (eg Firm) instructors

Laura Dodge