The New Body Bar

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

I am not a fan of Straight Up and Sculpt and was so happy to see Keli doing a traditional lighter weight workout without all those contortionist moves. I used my Firm Barbell unloaded (12 lbs) and felt good with the moves. You will need your step ready because she does leg presses (not too many and much slower than Cathe), and uses the step for backward lunges utilizing the bar for every move. Keli does push-ups with the bar across the step (really hard), triceps dips, triceps overhead presses on the step, good bicep work , lat pulls, side raises, upright rows, and military presses. It's really a great workout for a light day, but maniac that I am (I love long workouts), I combined this with Kickbox Circuit. Forget about abs: 2 minutes only with the bar across the chest doing crunches (I will just leave that out next time and stop the workout there). For me, this is what I like on a day after Cathe strength tapes, so I will definitely be using it alot. In my opinion, again I will say, it's Keli's best tape.

maryann parker