The New Body Bar

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

What a fabulous workout this is!! I love it! Why? It's like the Firm Tough Tape and BodyPump video's. It is a compact total body weight workout in just one hour using a bodybar. With Keli's down to earth personality, perfect form, excellent cueing and great exercises, time and sweat just flew by and I was doing the thorough cooldown. Keli laughs throughout the workout and is working hard along with you. She even struggles on the floorwork.

The workout is 60 minutes. You start of with a vigorous low impact wonderful warm-up. There is no stretch but I didn't feel the need to have one. The music is fabulous for the warm-up!! She alternates lower and upper body which I like but I did have to use 2 different weights to challenge my lower body. I used a 25lb Firm barbell and a 15lb bodybar. This seemed to work just fine. The counting is 2counts down and 2 counts up. Then 3 down and 1up. Then 3 up and one down and then pulse 3 and down. This is what she does all through the entire workout. I really felt it on the squats.

That is what you start off doing is squats. Then you do overhead lifts and upright rows. Then you lean over and do back work first and then deadlifts. Now I really felt the deadlifts with all the different counts. The music is fabulous. If you have G-Force Ultimate Hi/lo, you will recognize the music from the warm-up. Then you do dips with one foot on the back of a 8 inch step. This was very effective!!!! Then you immediately go and do Step ups or us Firmies call it tall box/Fanny lifter. Now this is very effective because you just prefatigued the glute/butt muscle. She does the Stepups/Tall box very slow and controlled. MUCH slower than Cathe does in her Pure Strength Legs and Abs tape. Anyway, I used my 14 inch tall box for this and it works PERFECT!! Keli does the same reps like 2 down and 2 up and then 3 down slow and up. Boy was my glute burning.

To give you a rest, she then does lat rows. I used my 15lb barbell and it was fine but then when she does side lifts where you bring your arm out to the side, I had to drop the 15lb bodybar and use a 5lb dumbbell. I don't know how Keli can lift that much! She is strong! Then it's back to do dips and tall box on the other side with lat rows and side lifts. You know, I am still feeling that side lift in my shoulder as I type this review! Fabulous exercise.

I also noticed the music is from MIS step warm-up. Fun!

Then if you think you are done with lower body, nope! You do lunges off the step and then bicep curls with the bodybar. You finish off with more shoulder work where you hold the bodybar in a bicep curl and lift your knuckles up. Then you do pushups where you rest your bodybar on the step like a cross. I was hoping my bodybar would snap in half! It worked fine and it was tough. You go down and hold in the pushup position and then bring one knee then the next and then pushup. Very tough. But she rewards you with a nice back stretch.

You then lay down and do lat pull overs which I love since it targets the upper tricep muscle. And then you do tricep french press with the bodybar lying down. This is very very tough with a 15lb dumbbell. Then you do dips with the bodybar cradled in your lap. Oooohhh, is this ever tough since my triceps are soooo tired.

Done with triceps? no! You do another tricep exercise holding the bodybar behind you and you lift up. I could barely finish. The floorwork is outer thigh lifts and inner thigh lifts using the bodybar. Keli even is struggling and says, "I think I need to work my inner thighs more often!" The ab work is not much. Crunches with the bodybar resting on your chest. No oblique or lower abs. But it's more than Firm Tough Tape which has no ab work.

She also does some bridge work where you put your heels on the step and lift up. The ending of the bridgework is so tough because she has you stay in a contracted bridge position and lift your leg up. Then you lower your glute down for 2 reps. I haven't seen this exercise before. The music for the floorwork is super! I LOVE it! All instrumental music by MusicFlex.

The cooldown is so nice and relaxing. Keli has some wonderful stretches for the hamstrings and outer thigh area and quadriceps. My favorite is the outer thigh stretch laying on your back. Your foot is resting on the leg and then you roll up and lean into the leg and you feel the stretch go deeper. She also does some nice upper body stretches too. I like her goodbye. She just says, "be well" but I love the way she says it.

This is a wonderful workout. I will use it with Firm Tough Tape and BodyPump. Oh, one other thing is Keli's hair is growing and longer and the way she is in this tape reminds me of the Ultimate Step and her Circuit workout. Really friendly, laid back and beautiful!

Mandy Lee