Body Bar: Challenge

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

This video has been well described and exercises broken down by previous reviewers, so I'll just give my evaluation of it. I like the fact that 2 body bars are used (conveniently I have 9 lb. and 15 lb. bars) I find most of my muscle groups are pushed to near fatigue, with the notable exception of abs. Obliques are worked quite well, but as other reviewers noted there's not much for the rectus abdominus, just some stabilization work. The stretch segment at the end is one of the best I've seen at the end of a video, 11 minutes long and very thorough. I find this workout somewhat more challenging than Keli's New Body Bar Workout, but I think I'd say it's that it's not much harder, it's just different.

Most of this workout can be done with equipment other than body bars, but I honestly feel that it wouldn't be the same. I enjoy the feel of the body bar, and the versatility (using wide/narrow grip, using with 2 hands or 1 (or 1 with the other as a stabilizer). I find these variations make it possible to get the right resistance for almost all the body parts I'm working using just these 2 bars. I do use dumbbells for the posterior and medial deltoids, but otherwise just the body bars.

Keli is a great instructor, very down-to-earth and motivating. I have several of her other tapes and in all of them the hour seems to go by really quickly and enjoyably. She emphasizes control in all her work, there isn't much that's fast or fancy, and I find that this works best for me, keeping my heart rate up on the step and working my muscles thoroughly in strength training.

Randy Pollack