Body Bar: Challenge

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Total Body Workouts

I've done this video only once, but I know several of you have been waiting for the review. I broke it down a bit, but not completely - so there are more exercises than I will describe. Also, my memory's not so great and I didn't take very good notes - but you'll get the gist of the workout.

As compared to Keli's other BB workout, no step is used and there are two more background exercisers besides Sherry and Alain. They use an 18# and I think a 9# body bar, but don't run out and buy two body bars or even one - if you don't have any.

After a warm-up and stretch to Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition', she begins with back shoulders and biceps using the heavier bar. Unlike the first BB video where you do a couple of sets and then partials, this is more combos. For example, first you do a set of bent-over rows, then a set of upright rows; then do them in a combo. Then you do one-handed bicep curls with the heavy bar and then with the light bar (I used dumbells-too hard to balance that long bar); then a combination of all of that. I kept recognizing songs or parts of songs from the warm-ups of Cathe's PS videos.

Then you do some clean and presses with the heavy bar, then shoulder presses, then a tough-to-coordinate combo of these two with a squat thrown in.

Now one-armed rows and bicep curls using heavy and light. I used dumbells. Then anterior and side delt lifts using the light bar (I used dumbells and worked both sides at the same time.) Then a nice stretch.

On to lower body. Front squats using the heavy bar; then squats with the bar in back of the neck. Then some step squats side to side. Now for a unique lunge to the side and back to center with a knee up. Oooh - those inner thighs! Then a combo of squats and lunges.

Here's something new - lay the bar on the floor vertically, do a squat on one side of it, then plyo to the other side and do another squat. You do 3 pulses then jump over a few times, then do singles. Tough.

Now you stand and place one end of the light bar one heel. Do straight leg lifts back, then hamstrings. Now some front lunges with the heavy bar, put the bar down and do pulsing lunges with a plyo jump and repeat. Then, of course, all of this on the other side before a good stretch.

Now chest-shoulders-triceps. Push-ups on the floor, but fashioned after those in the first video. Up, knees down, up, legs straight. (I made a note here that I can't read.) Now on your back, doing chest pullovers and skull crushers singly then in combo with the heavy bar. Tricep presses, chest presses, tricep push-ups - all very slow. Stretch.

More lower body. Lay on your side and lift from the waist up for your obliques. Then another unique oblique move. Then side leg lifts and inner thighs with the light bar (I used heavy). Then these flutter kick things where you lift your outer leg and then sort of scissor both legs together, while laying on your side. Other side; then stretch.

No more abs. A very slow and relaxing stretch using music like the PS cool downs.

Again, no need to run out and buy body bars for this. I liked the workout, but always feel like I'm not quite doing enough unless I'm lifting heavier weights. We'll see hw I feel tomorrow!

Instructor Comments:
Keli is very happy, friendly and talkative. She comments about how tough the workout is for her, although I don't believe it!

Joni O