Raising the Bar

Margaret Richard
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I am in the minority again in not liking a popular video. This is my first body bar video and I like using the body bar a lot. (Which is good because I just bought four of them!) And I have other Margaret Richard videos that I like a lot. But this one did not appeal to me very much.

My gripes:

- The price. (ok, now that THAT is out of the way!)

- The Warm-up: Graceful, dancy and practically useless.
I am not now or ever have been a ballerina. Let me just do
a nice athletic warm-up that actually warms me up. I
usually do my own warm-ups with her videos.

- Upper body: Uninspired.

- Lower Body: I disliked pretty much all the lower body stuff. I hate the inner thigh side-step foot-dragging thing. The standing outer thigh lifts with the bar stress the supporting leg so much that it is half dead when it is time to change. The kneeling quad work looked like a recipe for knee pain. I did wall sits.

- Abs: Not much instruction about exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

- Cool down/Stretch: There is little stretching during the video and the end is more ballerina stuff. I did a stretch tape.

Instructor Comments:
Margaret does lot of yammering about nothing. I wish she would have spent more time giving better instructions instead of bagging on Clare Dunphy. Sure, Charlene Prickett talks a lot, but it is usually about the exercise or fitness.