100 Reps

Katrina Rich
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Is this woman nuts? Am I nuts for liking this? I read the other review on this video by Crystal. She said the word "grueling". When I did this workout for the first time, I thought the same thing! This is grueling, but fascinating and actually kind of fun! Katrina takes you through 100 repetitions for each body part (she breaks some up into 50 each, such as 50 lunges on the right leg, 50 on the left). She changes rhythm frequently so you can "make it to 100". She also suggests that you change weight when your form starts to suffer. I almost never use 3 lb weights, except in this video! She is careful about discussing proper form and speed if you do not want to pump the weights at a quicker pace like she does (as in the chest press). I consider myself an advanced exerciser, but making it to 100 reps during each segment was really tough.

This was more fun than a bootcamp tape and harder than a Firm video. The workout goes by very quickly! I am very much into strength training right now thanks to the Slim Series and Debbie Siebers, so this was just another gem I found to add to my routines. This video is not for everyone. Some people will just plain not like it, hence the reason I got it off the exchange. Did I enjoy it? You bet I did!

Instructor Comments:
The instructor is motivating, friendly, and very pleasant to watch and listen to. She gives very good cuing about form.

Janet O'Neil