Redbook Ultra Stretch

Lyndi Patton
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This is an example of another stretch video trying to incorporate toning. Not what I wanted but it's not that bad. You start of with plies and it does have a definate ballet feel. The instructors even wear ballet shoes. The neatest part was when they turned the normal calf stretch into a yoga arabesque (I bet I didn't spell that right) Other than that it had a few calf raises, ab crunches, and lower body bridge work. Nothing intense at all. There were some good stretches. This video is better for a beginner who wants a toning and stretching video in one. In a video of this style I prefer The Ballet Workout but this video would be good for someone who didn't want that much danciness. (Is that a real word?) The production quality isn't great but it really didn't bother me. All in all this isn't a bad video. You can pick it up at totale for 5 bucks. But if its pure stretching you want, not this one.

Instructor Comments:
She seems very pleasant and talks in a soothing voice. She reminds me of Frances Fisher alot. I liked her enough.