Redbook Ultra Stretch

Lyndi Patton
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This really wasn't a bad video. The only problem is the name on the cover. This is not really a stretch video. I was looking for some good athletic stretch tapes because I like a more systematic approach than yoga provides. This tape does begin with a good stretch, it looked so promising! But the stretching only lasted about 8 minutes, and we were on to light toning for inner thighs (plie squats), hamstrings and glutes, and abs. That lasted about 20 minutes, then at the end there was about 5 more minutes of stretch.

The light toning is pretty well done, production is good, instructor is OK, it would probably be quite a good tape for a sedentary beginner. BUT IT ISN'T A STRETCH TAPE! I was very frustrated by this. Even though I got the tape free as part of an internet promotion, I feel cheated. I "wasted" my free tape, hoping to get a stretch tape, and instead got toning that although well done and probably useful to someone is relatively useless for ME! AArgh! So don't buy this tape thinking you might luck into a nice athletic stretch. You won't luck into a stretch at all!! --just a decent light toning tape.

Instructor Comments:
Lyndi is someone I've never seen before, she seemed fairly knowledgeable and competent, seems to be a trained dancer (used ballet terms for foot and leg positions) but didn't always demonstrate the best form.

susan p