Quick Fix Total Mix Yoga & Pilates

Tracy York, Suzanne Donegan
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

I have been trying to add more stretching to my routine. I have found I prefer athletic stretching to yoga, but have been searching for yoga workouts I can enjoy and that focus on stretching (as opposed to strength, etc.). The Yoga Flex section of this DVD was recommended to me as a good stretch. I figured it might be a good choice because if I did not like the yoga sections, I could still use the Pilates section.

One thing to know about me is that I have arthritis and the worst joints in my body are my hands and wrists. Thus, part of my analysis of stretch workouts includes how much pressure and stress is put on that area of the body (with less to none at all being preferable).

There are four workouts each of Pilates and yoga. Tracy York leads the Pilates workouts and Suzanne (don’t know her last name) leads the yoga workouts. The workouts are as follows:

Pilates Abs – Moves that stress the abs
Pilates Lower Body – Side kick series moves and other moves to stress the lower body
Pilates Total Body – Combination of moves that stress the upper body and the lower body. There are some moves that place stress on the wrists and hands
Pilates Challenge – Moves the kept the core contracted.

Yoga Energy – Lots of moves on hands like downward dogs
Yoga Strength – Didn’t do or watch
Yoga Flex – One move on the hands. Fairly relaxing
Yoga Challenge – Didn’t do or watch

Tracy York’s direction is fairly good, but not exceptional. She gives form pointers throughout the workouts. The background exercisers show modifications throughout the segments.

I’m hesitant to comment on Suzanne’s direction and demeanor because I am sooooo not a yoga person and prefer straightforward, non-flowery language (at least, that’s what it sounds like to me) in my direction. Since I do not know much about yoga, I am also hesitant to comment on form or effectiveness of the workouts. The background exercisers did show modifications through the workouts.

What was my final conclusion on this workout? I’m not sure. I don’t have many short Pilates add-ons or “sparks”, so I may keep it for those. Tracy York is certainly an adequate instructor and the workouts worked for me, some more than others. As far as the Yoga Flex section goes, I prefer my 10-minute stretch segments on Tamilee’s stretch video, so I wouldn’t keep it for that.

Instructor Comments:
They are explanatory and move the workouts along.

Laura S.