Quick Fix Total Mix Yoga & Pilates

Tracy York, Suzanne Donegan
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

This dvd features 8 10-minute workouts: 4 yoga and 4 pilates. It is a compilation of the Quick Fix Yoga and Quick Fix Pilates VHS tapes. You can use the sections as is, or use the "“lender” function to combine up to 3 of them in any order.

Suzanne leads the yoga workouts with two background exercisers. The first section begins with some breathing work, then works on standing postures and ends with a downward dog sequence. The second section focuses on strengthening postures and features cat/cow, some twists, plank, lunge, down dog etc. The third section focuses on flexibility and works the back, hips and shoulders. The fourth section is a bonus workout not found on the VHS tape and features a more flowing “challenge” routine.

The pilates sections are led by Tracy York, again with two background exercisers. The first section focuses on abs, the second section focuses on lower body, and the third is a total body mix. The fourth section, a bonus not found on the VHS tape, is a total-body challenge. All of them feature traditional pilates exercises well-cued and instructed.

I love the concept of this dvd, with the short sections and the workout blender. I have several other titles from this series and I find them all to be well-done easy to incorporate into my routine.