With Every Step

Charlene Prickett
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

this dvd (or vhs tape) contains two intermediate step workouts, both are 30 mins long plus there is a standing stretch for the legs at the end of each workout. i did both workouts for a total of 60 mins or so and i LOVED both of them!

they are really fun workouts that have just enough choreography to keep them interesting but they are both also quite easy to learn. it is so nice to do a step workout for the first time and to not be stumbling around or just standing there saying 'huh?'

also i am always happy to see charlene and her background exercisers because they are normal people and not fashion models. also charlene uses some instrumental spanish music which was nice. she also uses the white background in these workouts and while it is plain and perhaps boring for some people, i think that it really helps to make the workouts quite do-able because one is able to see everyone's legs and feet quite well. also charlene's cues are good and her daughter cues a few of the moves as well.

i felt so awesome today, doing this workout! it made me feel really successful because it wasnt easy-peasy but was a really pleasant intermediate steady-state cardio workout, which are my favourite kinds of cardio workouts to do. i do think that i could use an 8" step with these workouts but since i dont have one, i settle for 6" and add some impact to up the cardio factor.

this dvd might be too easy for those who are more advanced in the cardio department than i am, but if you increase the step height to 8" (or even to 10" as charlene and friends do) and add in the suggested medium impact jumps, hops, flys, etc. then i think that you could get a great workout.

this is definitely a good workout for those of us who do not like highly choreographed step workouts.

Instructor Comments:

Carolyn Visser