A Team Boot Camp

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

It was a good video but not as good as Advanced Step Challenge or Cardio Step Pump. The drills were intense but there was a lot of lag time in between them and she did lot of deep inhaling, which was tiresome after a while. She doesn't lead pump sections as well as cardio... she never quite seems sure what to say (e.g. "and so... uh... grab your free weights... and... uh..."). After an hour I felt very fatigued but not necessarily like I'd gotten a good cardio workout (even with the cardio sections). I also got a little bored doing the same movements for two minutes straight... I would much prefer more cohesive segments.

There's a lot equipment list but she only uses the resistance tubing once, the plate loaded bar three times (once for stability) and the stability ball twice. The equipment changes were really distracting for how little you actually used them.

She kept mentioning the time over and over and I found that really distracting. I prefer to just enjoy a workout and not discuss time.

So a decent video but not her best. I'm planning to keep it but I wouldn't really recommend buying it.

Instructor Comments:
Amy is wonderful. Energetic and professional. She seems to really enjoy what she's doing and is very motivatng.