A Team Boot Camp

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout brought me to my threshhold at times (during the 2 minute cardio drills) which was a happy thing.

I liked the moves - some of them were different enough to put a special spin on a move I might have done a hundred times before.

The moves I especially liked were:

the power lunges - I liked doing 4 on one leg and then switching. Less chance of tricking out my 4 decade old knee.

the riverdance jumps

The squats on the ball. Those really wiped out my quads - and I consider myself to be in decent shape.

The music was the standard workout music, but it had oopmh to it- a driving edge, the vocals in it coming in at just the right time.

I like Cathe's style of workouts (with the exception of most of the gymstyles - I hated the music in those, and didn't really jive with those workouts as I did with the Body blasts and intensities). I also tend to do a lot of Cardio Coach workouts. I am intermediate/advanced by my own reckoning.

A+ for the $20 I spent.

Instructor Comments:
Amy is very friendly and encouraging without veering into cutesy, condescending, etc.

Her physique is inspiring - she is lean and ripped.

Lots of whoo-yeah's (where the yeah's sound more like yeagh! Kind of tough and bootcampy sounding). These sounds didn't bother me, but if you do find this kind of thing annoying, there is a lot of it.