Low Impact, High Intensity

Charlene Prickett

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

If you are looking for a floor aerobics tape that is low impact, but that gives true intensity, this tape may be for you. Charlene leads a workout with different levels of difficulty and intensity and genuinely encourages you to do what is best for you. She will show a move and then show ways to make it more intense. Itís your choice which option you take. The workout clocks in at a little under an hour.

Everything you have heard about Charleneís chattiness is true. I didnít mind it since she was explaining fitness concepts and the interaction between her and the background exercisers seemed engaging to me. Plus, the workout happens outside with the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, so when I was bored with the chatter, I enjoyed the scenery.

My cardio capacity did increase when I used this workout regularly. I have moved on to more complex choreography, so I donít do this workout as much anymore. But, I recommend it highly for people who do not want to think as much or who simply do not want to do complex choreography.

Instructor Comments:
Charlene is chatty and informative. She also genuinely encourages you to do what is best for you and gives you options to choose from.

Laura S.