Low Impact, High Intensity

Charlene Prickett

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I wish there were more videos like this...truly low impact, but gets your heart rate going. Athletic moves that you might use in real life. And it doesn't take a lot of room. I love that the other exercisers get to talk, they all seem like such nice people. Also, I like the longer length of this tape, I feel I get a full day's workout, which I don't with the shorter half-hour tapes most other people do.

Instructor Comments:
Talks too much, but it's a nice switch from the somberness of Karen Voight. And I like the interaction she has with the other exercizers. It's like working out with a group of friends. I like her moves,they are simple and athletic, and I am choreographically challenged. I don't want to dance, I want to work out! And Charlene does that.

Laura Parent