Low Impact, High Intensity

Charlene Prickett

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance


For me, this video was really hard at first. I was just outgrowing my "beginner" workouts, when I decided I wanted to try this video. I saw in Collage Video that it was low impact and the aerobics were 44 minutes long. I'm trying to burn fat, so I want around 45-60 minutes of aerobics four to six times a week. Now that I've done this video half a dozen times over the last month, I LOVE IT. Climbing that mountain at the end is great fun, because I'm working "somewhat hard to hard" on Charlene's exertion scale. I feel like I not only get a great aerobic workout, but also a great toning workout for my lower body. The moves include squats, big knee lifts, lunges, a "skating" move that works the inner thighs, and leg lifts for the outer thighs. This is a keeper -- A+.

Instructor Comments:
Watching Charlene, you don't think "exercise bimbo," you think, "experienced video babe." (The "babe" might be stretching it, as she brags in her video, she's a Baby Boomer.) She's lean, motivating and fun. Her cuing is good; she "counts you down" to the change she announced previously. Her chatter bugged me at first, but then I started thinking she might be fun to take a trip to the salad bar with, along with her exercise buddies. After doing her video half a dozen times, I REALLY, REALLY like her, and intend to acquire more of her floor aerobics videos.

Lilly Anderson