Cardio Cut FX

Philip Gray
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This workout is hard to come by these days, but I recently got it through a trade and wanted to post a review, because I really like it. The people above have done a good job explaining it, so Iíll just give my general impressions.

This is a low-weight, high-rep workout. I used 3-8 pounds, depending on the move. (For a Firm workout, I use 8-15 pounds.) I also switched weights more than he did throughout the workout so I could go heavier on the moves for which it was possible. I will use this workout on days I donít want a hard workout and/or days Iím just not in the mood to drag out a bunch of equipment, but on which I want to do a workout with weights.

I liked the fact he had modifiers who showed different moves throughout the workout. It would have been nice if he had explained this up front, but he forgot to introduce his back-up exercisers at the beginning of the workout (which he laments part of the way through). Some of them didnít show the best form, especially in the abs section, but most of the way through they did a good job and I found it helpful to follow them at times.

Philip gives form pointers throughout the workout, but there were times I thought he would have given it sooner. He does not explain how to do the moves, so this is not a beginner workout. Overall, he does a good job of cueing the moves as they come up.

Long term, I will see if I use this workout consistently. I initially liked Chizel It, but found I didnít use it much and ended up trading it away. However, I found it more cardio oriented than this one and Iím someone who likes to do either strength or cardio. I didnít like Super Chizel It.

Instructor Comments:
I found him really motivating. I like his instructing style. He's relaxed and friendly, and gives good form pointers throughout the workout.

Laura S.