Cardio Cut FX

Philip Gray
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I found out about this video from reading Diane's (aka mtnmom) review on VF. I bought the video consequently, sending a check by mail to Philip. The promptness with which I received this $10 video was incredible (I've paid up the wazoo on websites where the videos didn't get here nearly as fast from across the country!).

But more than that--it's a GREAT little high-weight low rep video! Diane was right on the money with her review, IMHO. I will just add that there certainly were a TON of bicep curls, though I found it easy enough to substitute some of them with shoulder presses or lateral lifts. With 3- to 5- lb weights, it's really fine to do all those bicep curls--until the very end, when he FRIES them with one final blast.

You basically are constantly moving (simple step touches and such) while doing high-weight low rep work. Also some lunges (into knee-ups if you like) on and off the step, but overall not an overabundance of leg/lunge work. There is a brief plyo section which wasn't as hard as I'd feared (but then I'm used to Cathe plyo--also, you do keep holding your weights for Philip's plyo).

For all the raw nature of the filming, really, I did not see any glitches or errors in the routine, unless you count Philip's cheerful "how could I forget to introduce my crew?" halfway through. :)

I know PHilip has done some step workouts with Greg Twombly but I would LOVE to see him do a weight workout like this with Greg's kind of production values (not that this wasn't pretty good for what it was). Or has he done one?

This is a fabulous bargain for $10!

Instructor Comments:
Very competent and charming. A bit of an accent that I couldn't place, makes him sound European (not that it matters a whit). Not goofy, but humorous; reminds me somewhat of Andre Houle. Very fit and very competent instructor. He's someone I'd love to take a class with.