Core Secrets Give Me 20

Gunnar Peterson
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Total Body Workouts

This "Give Me 20" program is a fast paced 20 minute workout which primarily focuses on the upper body and core with just a little bit of lower body work.

It was created primarily as an "add-on" type workout. I can see using it when one is short on time or as something you can do in addition to doing some cardio work.

This morning I did "FUNdamentals" first, then after a short break came back and did this one.

The workout has Gunnar and several background exercisers, one who functions as a modifier.

These sequence of exercises were already broken down by another reviewer so I won't include that in this review.

I am an advanced exerciser though relatively new to stability ball work. Though I have I have several other (non-Core Secrets) stability ball programs in my collections which I enjoy, the Core Secrets workouts are my favorites(I also have "Accelerated Core Training" and "Full Body Challenge").

If a person is brand new (or coming back from a long layoff) to exercise or stability ball work, I'd recommend starting with "FUNdamentals" before doing this or any of the other CORE SECRETS workouts.

The programs are filmed in a bright and roomy studio setting and the camera work is done in a way that makes the programs easy to follow (some programs I have in my collection try to get too artistic which make the workouts very difficult to follow).

For me, these CORE SECRETS programs have been well worth the money and time spent on them and I look forward to using them as a regular part of my exercise rotation.

Instructor Comments:
Gunnar is fast becoming one of my favorite instructors. He's personable, enthusastic without being "over the top" and his instruction is clear and concise.

Scott (Yogadad)