Core Secrets Cardio Strength Interval Mix

Gunnar Peterson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is a 30 minute workout that does not use a stability ball -- you just need weights (one or two sets.)The workout is broken into 3 segments - lower, upper and core. The lower consists of squats with different leg positions (narrow, wide, wider and widest!) In between the set of squats, Gunnar picks up a jumprope and jumps for about 30 seconds (that's the interval.) There is one person who doesn't use a jumprope (as I did not) -- she does the moves, but you can march, step, rebound...whatever you like to substitute. The first segment is the most aerobic, as the squats get your heart rate up quite a bit.
The second segment is upper (with jumprope intervals) -- you do side lunges with opposite rows, tricep kickbacks (double-arms), bicep curls, and pushups. I think he does 2 set of each - and about 10-12 reps.
The last segment starts with standing oblique work (functional moves) and then to the floor for crunches and reverse crunches. There are a few jumprope intervals as well, in the last segment.
All in all, a fun workout, that seems to go by quickly. There is no dread factor -- and it is a pretty-much total body workout, which you will feel the next day.
It is nice to use as an add on to yoga or pilates, but can also be used by iteself to get a quick workout when you are short on time. You don't need to take out much equipment (just a pair of dumbbells) and I found this to be an efficient morning workout, where you can get in both, cardio and strength.

Instructor Comments:
Gunnar gives good pointers, and demonstrates the first rep of each new exercise. He is relaxed and fun to work out with.