Step By Design

Carole Paradise
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Step Aerobics

It appears very rustic with brick walls and windows. It is very open and works well for the workout. The production quality is great. VisionTeleProductions produced the dvd. The camera work is well done with no funny angles, etc to deter from actually doing the workout.


Energetic club style music is used and Carole's combo's flow with the beat, making it easier to follow.


Warmup-7 minutes
Step-42 minutes
Cooldown-8 minutes

This is a non-stop step party!! I did this workout at 4:30am and had no problems following along. Carole's cueing is dead-on so you'll always know what is coming. Her approach is very athletic. This was a low impact but intense workout that keeps your heart rate up throughout the combinations. Carole layers the moves and adds intensity/variation as she moves along. Stepping with her are Paul, who does the more advanced moves, and Cindy, who modifies the entire workout for those individuals who don't want to do the more intense variations.

You'll learn the basic version of Combo 1 in your warmup then do some stretches before going into the workout. Carole does 3 combinations and the breakdowns are well taught. The choreography is advanced but because of her teaching style the combos are easy to learn.

Here is the breakdown of her moves for each combo as she provided to me:


** 1 alternating kick
** 1 full reverse turn
** v-step on floor
** v-step on top
** v-double knee/spin to end
** stomp the floor/stomp the step
** repeaters across the top
** double stomp down home edge/single stomp
** rock & pivot


** long repeater
** walk off end/shuffle to other end/walk off that end/shuffle home
** basic over
** reverse hop rocking horse into a box step home
** charleston kick or ski
** 2 split lunges


** 3-knee walkover rock
** karate knee on front
** hop turn karate home
** step knee to the back/step knee to the front
** 3 hamstring curls on top/exit home
** 3 hamstring curls on top with full turn off end
** 3 alternating side leg lifts at end
** shuffle turn home

Carole brought back the fun in step for me with this workout. I hope she makes more workouts in the future. This workout truly does capture your energy and attention from beginning to end!!

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Instructor Comments:
Carole's cueing is great and her layering of each combination makes it easier to follow. I enjoyed her personality too!!