Jump Step!

Mindy Mylrea

Categories: Step Aerobics

I thought I would love this tape: I've really started to get into jump rope lately, I love step workouts, and I liked Mindy Mylrea in other tapes. Unfortunately Jump Step! turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Like

Mindy's other videos, Jump Step! does not exactly have high production values; it basically looks like a home video and the music is extremely quiet. It all looks pretty bleak actually and the gray studio walls and floors sure don't help. As for the workout itself, it's not really 60 minutes long (as advertised) since it starts with a fairly lengthy discussion of jump rope workouts (much of it geared to instructors) and proper

jumping technique. This is followed by an uninspired but effective warm-up (the focus is on getting you ready for the jump rope segments). The step/jump rope interval section is only about 25 minutes long. Now, I *love* the idea of a step/jump rope interval tape, but unfortunately this one is pretty boring. The step sections are *very* basic, extremely repetitive, and not exactly intense (obviously they're designed to provide some recovery time after the more intense jump rope intervals). The jump rope segments aren't bad (at least when compared to the step), but even they lack creativity. Aerobox and Aerojump are so much better.

The tape ends with a 4-5 minute cooldown which is followed by a short stretch segment. I would still like to try Mindy's Jump and Jab (which got very good reviews if I recall correctly). I'm thinking that it *must* be superior to Jump Step!

Instructor Comments:
Mindy is professional as always, but somehow she seems a little stiff in this video. She was so funny in some of her other tapes (she really cracked me up a couple of times in Killer Floorwork), but here she's much more serious.

Darian Stanton