MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

When I watched this video before actually doing it, I thought Keith's voice would drive me NUTS. But, once you start doing the video, you're working so hard you really don't notice it too much. This video relies on very basic, calisthenic type exercises, but it really gets your heart pumping and works your muscles too. The exercises are done in pretty rapid succession, and there are a lot of compund joint meovemnts, so your muscles get tired quicker than you'd think. I consider myself an advanced exerciser (I regularly do several Firm videos and MIS) and this tape really surprised me. It's more fun than it looks, too, and the time goes by fairly quick. The 30 minute yoga section at the end is a nice relaxer. I got this tape for $9 and I felt it was a bargain. I do this tape on my "light" days, when I combine moderate aerobics with light weights/high reps. This video is perfect for that type of workout. Although the aerobics section is very basic and short (14 minutes), it's over before you can get too bored with it, and the quick pace of the toning section that follows keeps your heart rate up. I wouldn't recommend buying this tape from Collage for $14.95 plus s&h, because you will feel ripped off. But if you can find it on sale at a store near you, pick it up for those days when you want to get a decent workout in that's quick and allows you to "space out" a bit while you're doing it.

Instructor Comments:
Keith is very good about reminding you to only do as much as you can and not push yourself past your own limit. However, I find his "breathy/singy" cuing very annoying. For that matter, the cuing itself is not very good. Often, he and the video participants will just start doing a new move and you're standing there going "Huh?? Where did THAT come from?" and then you have to try and catch up. Once you have done the video a few times, it's not so bad, but still a bit frustrating.

Renae Brock