MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This video is my favorite so far. I'm kind of surprised so many people hate it.

It's 60 minutes, so it's plenty long, and the 30-minute yoga session at the end is the perfect end to a hard workout-- I feel great the rest of the day.

The sets are beautiful. The workout takes place on the ocean, and the yoga is performed by the Grand Canyon.

I couldn't have picked better music myself, though it is a little quiet.

The moves are quiet simple, and my only complaint is that this workout is very militaristic. Keith seems like a man who could have jazzed it up a little, but he is a former military sergeant, and it sure shows. It took me back to my high school P.E. days. If you like a boot camp workout, this is for you.

The video works your entire body and the cardio is pretty intense, although short. I'd give the whole thing an A. If it had more cardio, it would get an A+.

Instructor Comments:
Keith Byard is fantastic. He's motivating, funny, and any man who sings his cues is a man after my own heart. I can see where some may find him annoying, but his style reminds me of a preacher. His enthusiasm really rubs off. What's funny is to occasionally see his two workout pals trying not to laugh. Occasionally he discovers he's run out of things to say and so frantically repeats one of his coined phrases: "Looks good-uh," "Nothing but good form at all times," or "If ya need a little breather, take a little breather. Safety first."

Sara Whitney