MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I actually liked this workout a lot, and plan to do it once a week. It is very basic choreography, so even the uncoordinated can do it easily (including me!). There are *no* dance steps in here, no around the step moves, no turns. It is all athletic moves -- jumps, lunges off the step, 20-count repeaters on each leg off the step, jacks, knee-ups on the step, a type of jog in place. It says a step is optional, but I think the intensity would suffer if you don't have a step -- you could still do the moves, but I don't think repeaters or the lunges would be as effective or intense without the step.

The lower body work is pretty good, even though no weights are used. Lots of squats, lunges. No plies, but you could substitute one set of squats with plies (I did). You could easily add weights, but you might want to do the tape first without weights to get a feel of it -- you do lots of reps and several sets.

The "toning" part moves very very quickly. This is *not* a tape you can use heavy weights with. I used 5 lb weights for everything, maybe could use 8 lb after doing this tape a few times. I am used to slower moving weights and heavier weights (like MIS) so I found the quick moving to be tough and tiring. But, I really liked the weight part. I usually do not like using lighter weights (a la Karen Voight) but I really enjoyed this part, and found I was very tired after doing it. You do about 20-24 reps of each exercise (usually 2 sets of each too).

There are pushups, pushups and MORE pushups. About 4 sets of them. Ouch. My chest and shoulders are feelin' it today! He does a couple variations on pushups, one set focusing on the chest only, then others to get your shoulders/back involved too. Pretty neat. I hate pushups, really really hate them, and I did all the pushups in here (okay, I did rest for 2 reps on the last set) and actually enjoyed them because there were variations.

You do a type of supersetting weight exercises -- do pushups, then jump up and do biceps, do pushups, biceps again, pushups, triceps, pushups, shoulder work, boxing jabs, lat rows, etc. I do wish there was more tricep work though. There is *NO* resting. No time to search for weights, no time to have water. You need to have everything for the workout right there next to you, ready to grab.

Onto the floor. There is about 8-10 minutes of floor leg work, using no weights (but you can add some) and I found it pretty tough. It is the basic sets -- lying side leg lifts, leg shootouts. Everything is in sets of 20-24, so near the end your legs gets tired! The ab work is long, about 8-10 minutes of good, basic, effective ab work. The tape includes about a short 3-5 minutes stretch at the end -- I thought it was a pretty good stretch.

This tape uses virtually no room, so even those who have a tiny workout space will be fine. If you have room to do a lunge or a jack, you have room to do this tape.

The tape moves very quickly, so even though the moves are basic, I never got bored. The 50 minute workout flew by.

Instructor Comments:
Okay, so Keith is very cheesy, and he *does* sound like a lounge singer. But I found him to be pretty entertaining, and easy to block out. The way he talks made me smile throughout the entire workout. If you can stand Cory's incessant chatter and silly comments about having the best arms on the beach in Get Hard Arms and Shoulders, you can handle Keith no problem!

This man has energy. He is constantly bouncing all over the "stage". I wish I had half the energy he does!

His cues do leave a little to be desired though -- it is best to watch the video first to get an idea of what some of the moves are because he tends to start the move before he tells you it is changing or he will introduce a move without a preview of it.

There are 2 girls working out with him, they add nothing to the workout. One shows an "easier" version of most exercises -- like doing pushups on knees. Oh, and I think she also does the low-impact version of the aerobic part.

Lisa H