MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I have to admit I really don't care for this video at all. The only thing that seemed advanced about it to me was the chaos. Do this, do that, do this again, on and on. The music wasn't all that good, and it really didn't matter, because he didn't do the exercises to the beat anyway. I *did* like the 30-minute yoga section at the end. It's more of the stretching-type yoga as opposed to the kind where you try to contort yourself into awkward positions. I have to give the overall workout a C, though.

No review of this tape would be complete without mentioning Keith Byard. The way he talks *immediately* gets your attention! He-uh talks-uh like-uh this-uh. Complete-uh with-uh groans-uh in-uh the-uh appropriate-uh places-uh. What is *that* all about? But as a plus, he does make it a point to keep reminding you about good form. His favorite saying seems to be, "Nothing but good form at all times." Actually, in this case, "Nothing-uh but-uh good-uh form-uh at-uh all-uh times-uh." Also, I noticed that during the squats, he likes to run his hands up his thighs and pull his shorts up higher. Is that supposed to turn us on or something? No-uh, thanks-uh!

Instructor Comments:
Keith Byard is unusual, which may be a gross understatement. I don't know where they came up with this guy, and I don't know WHY either, but he seems quite an odd choice as an instructor for an exercise video. Despite his eccentricities, I did not find him obnoxious or a poor instructor. I laughed the first time I watched the video, but when I was doing it, I really wasn't even aware of his bizarreness.

Annie S.