MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This tape has definitely gone into my rotation. It is a fast-paced tape with very basic choreography done in sets of 10 to 30. Moves are seldom repeated twice. The tape starts with a warmup, moves into jumping jacks, then does intervals on the step, knee-up, (repeated 20 times on each leg), touch up on the step, a power move on the step called "superman", (basically just a jump with your arms up and one leg back in a glute squeeze), then a few boxing moves on the floor. To some, this may be boring and repetitious, however, I prefer this to learning a move, and doing it over and over, and then doing it again later on.

The toning section, about 20 minutes uses light weights with 20 or 30 reps for upper body. Hits on biceps, triceps, shoulders and one set of lats and five sets of 10 pushups. Does some basic leg lunges and plies, some table work. If you are an intermediate or advance exerciser, I would recommend using weights and doing a few less reps. The toning finishes with a good tough ab section.

This tape could have been my favorite ever, but it has some problems. First you can't hear the music. (if anyone knows how to put this into the stereo to just get the music and lower Keith's voice, please let me know). Ironically, one of the few lines you can hear during this tape is "kiss my #%*". Second, the aerobics are only 14 minutes long, this baffles me completely, why didn't they add 6 more minutes, or interval some of the arm or leg work.

I really like the yoga section, I feel very relaxed after doing it, and enjoy the tape. It has beautiful scenery, but if you are doing the poses, you can't watch the TV. Oh well. I have been using the first 5 minutes or so as a stretch after other tapes with inadequate stretching, feels great.

A recap, this is a good intense tape, but not for everybody. To be great it either needs more toning or more aerobics. The aerobics are too short, and Collage shows the tape around 45 minutes, not the 1 hour advertised. From the Forum, many people couldn't stand the instructor. May be worth it at $9 for the stretch during the yoga section. HINT: Follow the woman with the pigtails, except of course when she arches her back during squats.

Instructor Comments:
I liked this instructor, although on a Forum thread, his style was enough for some people to put this tape on the exchange. Keith talks in a way that is hard to describe. I call it "infomercial salesman". He talks pretty much nonstop. Unfortunately, the tape was put together so that the music is pretty much drowned out by his voice. Collage calls his cueing "breathy/sexy". Not my description, didn't think he was trying to be sexy.