MTV's Advanced Workout

Keith Byard
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This is a good aerobic/strength training video that would be a good alternative to the Firm. If you have done "Your Personal Best"video with Karen Voight, it is like that workout on speed. It moves continuously from one thing to another for an hour. One pulse rate check, and that's it for breaks. It keeps up the pulse rate, but you have to pay attention, because cueing is minimal. The moves are basic and need little set-up, though. Jumping jacks, lunges, military presses, push-ups, bicep curls, they are all there. This is a video men would like. The music is not memorable, mostly just a steady beat to follow. Keeping up with Keith requires concentration, so I didn't really notice the music. I enjoyed this video. It was never boring, the ab section is basic but thorough and long, and I was tired afterward and sore the next day. That pretty much sums up my requirements for a good workout. The set is great, a hip out in the ocean. You feel like you are there taking a class.

This workout also reminded me of Kathy Ireland's Advanced Sports Fitness, in it's interval format. But this tape is better. The MTV set is better, and Kathy's workout is repetitive. The MTV workout has something new every minute. Keith also has an energy that I have never seen matched. I wouldn't want to be in a car with him for any length of time, but as someone to kick my butt, he is a good choice. I actually did all of the push-ups, which I hate.

Following the workout is a 30 min. Yoga workout which is a great stretch. The cueing is hard-to-follow, and I would recommend a Yoga novice to look at other videos first for instruction, like Kathy Smith or Rodney Yee. But if you know the basic yoga poses, the routine here is pleasant and moves quickly from one pose to another, stretching all the muscles and providing a good variety of balance and stretching postures. The scenery is gorgeous and the music is good.

Instructor Comments:
Wow, does this guy have energy. He never stops moving, talking, making sometimes irritating sound effects. But he is very motivational. He even sings the cues. I am huffing and puffing, and he has the energy to sing! (He has a pretty good voice, too) Keith is a cross between a drill instructor and Gin Miller.

Anne Berk