Resist-A-Ball Dynamic Stretch

Stephanie Morris
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

In the past six months, I have started doing stretch videos. I really enjoy them as a way of releasing stress and improving my flexibility. I find my preferences run to more athletic stretching, although I do have about five yoga workouts, three that are purely for stretch and three that are general yoga workouts. And, I prefer shorter stretches. The ones I use the most are Tamileeís 10-minute stretches and Candace Copelandís 15-minute stretches and Slim & Limber.

Long ago, I had this tape and traded it off because I found it so frustrating. The pace was too fast. I couldnít stay on the ball (kept falling off). I couldnít figure out how she wanted me to move. In short, I HATED this workout. I recently reacquired it by SASE because I was curious whether my reaction would be any different. (In fact, I wondered if this was the same tape I had traded.) Anyway, I have definitely made great strides because I had no problem staying on the ball. I have done quite a few ball workouts since I last had this tape and I am much stronger apparently. Plus, I have done enough stretches that figuring out what she wanted me to do was simpler. It was a pleasant discovery.

Stephanie Morris presents the workout by herself in a studio with a live piano player with balls around the side as decoration. The music is pleasant, but nothing super special. She does a series of stretch moves, some designed to increase the strength in certain muscles. She gives form pointers, but sometimes I found myself looking at the screen trying to figure out what she had just said.

My main reactions were that my body felt good and pleasantly (not super) stretched when I finished and that the workout seems very lllllloooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggg, sssssslllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwww, and BORING. I was pleased I could do this workout. I donít see me doing it again (or trading back for it again). There was just more stretching done than I had an interest in, although it was not due to her holding the stretches for a super long time. She did multiple stretches for each body part, which is why I probably felt pleasantly stretched.

Instructor Comments:
She gives good form pointers. Her delivery is rather sedate or dry or something. I was neither drawn to her as an instructor nor turned off by her.

Laura S.