Simply Spoga/Spoga, The Mind/Body 'anti-aging' Workouts

Michelle Lee
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

This is a beautifully produced series that helps relieve stress and activate your energy. Greg Twombly of CIA Productions produced the series. The set is very pretty, warmed with lighted candles throughout. Melinda Lee, a certified yoga instructor, leads both workouts.

Simply Spoga is the gentler version of the two. It contains three different segments, 10 minutes each, so if you are short on time do as many as you’d like in the time you have.

Section 1 begins in a seated position. A breathing meditation relaxes and energizes you all at the same time. This section prepares you for section 2. Following the meditation is a wonderful seated twist/side bend to both sides of the body. Then using a towel for assistance, Melinda does some wonderful stretches. A shoulder release, seated hamstring stretch and a move called the “butterfly” all use the towel to effectively stretch the muscles. The butterfly stretch also releases the groin area and activates your energy stores. Cat stretch and upward dog pose end this section which brings you to the standing grounding exercise. The grounding exercise helps align posture.

Section 2 begins the 5 Spoga’s, the 5 basic moves Melinda uses in her series to slow you down while moving your body. Twirling moves (I found myself getting dizzy the first couple of times I did this move so I followed the modifier) followed by hands to small of back & your head moves slowly up and down to elongate/stretch your neck. A move called “calm sea” follows this. (you are on your back, palms up, and you breathe in deep and sigh) Rising Tide is a move that works your abdominal muscles where your head and knees come up rhythmically together. The Wave is a flowing bridge which is followed by a moving session of child’s pose/upward dog.

Section 3 is a guided meditation on your back. Pretty visuals are displayed on the screen throughout this segment.

Spoga has the same three sections but it’s a little more advanced. However, as in the Simply Spoga, 1 person modifies when appropriate. Melinda begins this session by activating chakra energy by doing an unusual panting/bouncing breathing exercise. (this one took me a few tries to get) Additional exercises include lying twists, rolling like a ball, v-sits, long lever abdominal exercises and a flowing upward/downward dog series.

I have enjoyed both of these workouts. They help to relax me (I love to use them at night for that same reason) and are easy enough to do in light clothing or pajama’s.

Instructor Comments:
Melinda is professional and sincere. She comes across as taking everything lightly, nothing too serious. Her attitude is contagious!!