Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

This is a basic step tape, niot high impact, but very high intensity. Granted, I am out of shape and probably could have knocked this one out much better at an earlier time in my fitness timeline, but even then it would have been a tough workout.

I am not going to detail the moves, because anyone who has ever done any step at all will know them. So the beauty of this video is that you can turn off your brain and just sweat like a pig. It's almost..meditative, if you know what I mean.

Gin builds five or six oombos with a fair amount of TIFTing and then leads you through all of them to a rousing finish at the end, followed by a cool down.

The fourth of fifth combo, which includes some V-steps on the floor, takes things down a bit, and goes on like this a bit longer than most people would like at this lower speed. Heart monitor people will hate this--your heart rate will definitely drop, although not to a cool down point. Of course, once you know it's going to happen, you can bump up the intensity during that portion--but I can see how this might irritate hardcore cardio fans.

I loved this workout, but so far I have loved all of the Gin Miller Simplies (that I have done--one is still pending).

Inexplicable: Gin appears on the front cover in workout gear and wearing what appears to be a tiara, holding an apple, stuck on a stick like a scepter. The stylistic theme of the graphics are portraits--done with a Photoshop watercolor filters of her photo and framed--but what's with the crown....and the apple?

Instructor Comments:
Gin is great because she is such a clown, and I mean that in the best possible way. If I saw Cathe or Christy Taylor mug for the camera like this, I would probably cringe so hard I would wrinkle up like an accordion, but on her, it's great and it really makes the workout more fun.

Her cuing is right on, although I got the impression she kind of lost her train of thought a couple of times, and one move she taught on the floor and then brought to the step with no warning. Minor issues though, since the moves are so basic.

Kim Reist