Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

I am "stepping" down (pun intended) a little bit with the intensity of my step workouts. I am 58 and have been stepping away with the likes of Cathe and Christy for 10 years. I feel the need to blend the easier step workouts with the more intense ones. My thought, as previously stated in my review for Everybody Steps, is to spare any potention future injury to knees or ankles.

I found the "sweat" factor of Simply Step to be extremely acceptable. I wasn't bored and felt challanged as I learned the steps more toward the end of the tape. I wasn't gasping for air but my heart rate wasn't too low either.

I liked the easier combinations and I will use this to blend with more intense step, on days when the temperatures soar (no A/C) or when I am feeling a little fatigued to begin with.

I really liked the tape - or is it because I'm such a big fan of Gin's? You decide. Read the other reviews -

Instructor Comments:
I really think Gin is one of the best instructors out there. Her cueing is flawless and I love her sense of humor. No pretense here -Gin is Gin.