Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

This is a good workout for someone who wants a long (50 minutes plus warmup and cooldown), steady-state low impact cardio workout with no tricky moves or knee torques. After an easygoing warmup, Gin teaches basic step combinations which are mixed together throughout the workout. There is a lot of "take it from the top", but the sequence repeated most often is a fun one - mambo cha-chas, knee ups, and L-steps with curtsies. On every sequence she shows low-impact and high-impact versions - advanced exercisers will want to add impact or go to an 8" step to keep their heartrates up.

The set has polished wood floors, a few plants in the background and a painting on the wall right behind Gin. It's smaller and warmer feeling than the cavernous studio settings used in, say, Cathe's workouts. The music is all upbeat instrumentals, some with a Caribbean flavor - fun, good beat but not distracting. The only thing I didn't like were the many pauses for "Perceived Exertion" checks - I think there are six, which is excessive.

I'm an intermediate/low advanced exerciser and worked up a good sweat on a 6" step with most moves modified to high impact. This workout is good for exercisers of all fitness levels because the moves are so adaptable.

Instructor Comments:
Gin is very loose, relaxed and funny in this workout. I was hesitant about buying a workout with no background exercises, who I think add visual interest, energy and stimulation, but Gin has the charisma and personality to carry this one on her own. As always, her cueing is excellent as is her instruction on learning the step sequences (sometimes the instruction is almost TOO basic).