Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

I did Gin's new step workout yesterday. I wanted to see if I got the famous DOKS ("Delayed Onset Knee Soreness") today before writing a review. No, the knees feel fine so far this morning. Yippeee!!!!

Gin has done a terrific job in producing a workout that is aerobically challenging and mentally non-challenging. This is not to say that there aren't a few tricky moves that might be hard to learn. But, Gin teaches and cues in such an impeccible way that you will always have options if you can't get a step. I had trouble with a few moves. The "monkey-arms L-step" was wierd. So I just did a similar move I learned from an old Tim Culwell video. I couldn't do the "Y" pattern on the floor. I did "X" and it worked fine. Etc., etc., etc.

I don't know if I would recommend this video for a very beginner at step. Gin assumes you know some of the verbage, like "traveling", etc. Also, the workout moves along at a brisk pace. Just a litle dawdling at the perceived exertion checks.

I improved my chances of doing this workout by previewing and walking out the steps the night before. So, I had an idea of where I might have difficulty and was prepared.

The is one part where Gin mis-cues a move. And I was actually doing it correctly! That was a good feeling.

The set is plain and pleasant. The music is the only disappointment as it is rather dull.

Gin, of course is not a disappointment. She is her usualy goofy self, but not over the top (like in the barely tolerable "New Body Workout"). My favorite quote is when she adds some impact and says, "C'mon, I'm almost fifty and I can do this!" Um, Gin, you are not the *average* "almost fifty-year" old. LOL!

I used a four-inch step and I was glad. I was getting pooped after about 40 minutes. I did some of the higher impact options. Just in time, Gin tells us that there are 10 minutes left in the workout. I would consider going up to a six inch step for a very tough workout.

Here is one of the few workouts that I would recommend to those like me who are choreo-challenged. It's not a walk in the park, but it is doable, learnable and modifiable!

Thank you, Gin!

Instructor Comments:
Please see review.