Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

The total workout from start to finish is 63 minutes long. Gin has included a nice long warmup that incorporates some brief static stretching. Very nice.

This is the perfect step workout if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced stepper! I am serious when I say that it will appeal to all levels. The choreography is basic for the majority of the workout. Gin does throw in some interesting foot work to mix it up a bit. This is a TIFT workout. Gin does spend time teaching each combo but again, she is doing this to ensure this workout is accessible to all levels and I like that. Her last combo takes the longest and she jokes about that. BTW, I am an advanced stepper. I only used a 6 inch step for this since it was the first time doing it and my HR stayed in its THR range for 43 minutes. It went over a couple of times but I was able to bring it down just by following the more basic, non power step moves. The music is quite good. I have no idea who it is but its all instrumental and has a great beat and sounds good. I remember thinking that while doing the workout.

Bottom line: This is a keeper. You can take it easy or you can make it tough. Its all up to you. This is a cardio endurance workout (as labelled) and when you do it, you will know why!

Instructor Comments:
Gin's a great instructor with clear and concise cueing! Once again, her humorous self just shines through in this workout.

Lori M