Simply Step

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

Obviously I have only done it once, but I really enjoyed this dvd. The choreography is very simple. She has a lot of the classic step moves in here and adds intenisty with arms and hops. If you can do these moves, you can do this video:

mambo/cha cha
walk or jog around the step
knee up (with hop)
L steo with a curtsy
3 quick hips with a basic
leg curls
basic or run on the step
travel over the step or step hop
3 knee repeater or variation with big arms
swift kick
alternating 2 knee repeater with squats or jacks in the middle
v step
step tap or pony on the step
step over with 3 wiggles and a curl

The last move is the most complicated, but she takes a few minutes to teach it. This is the only part of the video where I felt my heart rate drop.

This would not be appropriate for someone who must have complex choreo. On the other hand, I usually like complex choreo but I enjoyed this one.

The warmup is 8:00 and not particularly taxing; it's mostly stretching. The cardio is 50:00. The cooldown is only a minute or 2 and I had to pause to get my heartrate down for the stretch. The stretch is 4:00.

It is more a steady state cardio workout than an interval workout. I am very happy to have a step dvd that can be done low impact and still gives you a good workout.

The music is pleasant but unremarkable. I liked the bpm. I haven't heard it in a million other videos.

Gin is funny and kept me smiling through the whole workout.

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