Simply Strong

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I am a Gin Miller fan. I was expecting a good toning and shaping video. I was not disappointed.

It started with a throrough warm up and progressed to the body of the video.

There were lunges and squats done with Gin's "pod" method. Each round began with the easier form. If you are feeling adventerous, you can then move on to the intervediate and advanced pods. I consider myself advanced but I could sense I didn't want to go to level number 3 the first time out.

I enjoyed the compound moves - I sort of feel like I'm getting more bang for my time with compound arm and leg moves.

The most interesting thing about the video is it's creativity. I felt Gin made this video just different enough to shake up your routine and wake up different muscle fibers.

I really enjoyed the ab work. It incorporates a body ball and core work. I didn't think I was doing much damage there but my abs speak a different story today.

The tricep work was new to me. This is my favorite body part to work on. Extending the arms further back and using the body bar to tap the step behind was very effective. Talk to my triceps today.

Gin must have a great personality in "real life". At one point, she confuses rows with flys and a little thought bubble pops up over her head. I think it says "did I just say rows - I meant flys".

In another section she has you lay a towel on the step which she says is very important if you are "skin and bones" like she is. I lost it then and there. She is aware she is NOT 4'11" and that she is a strong, toned woman.

I recommend this workout if you have been doing one instructor for a long time. This was my experience of the workout and I liked it very much.

Instructor Comments:
I have three of Gin's videos. Intense Moves is about my all time favorite interval tape. She seems to be a very down to earth and brings a wonderful sense of humor to her videos.