The Ramp: Cardio Challenge

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

I got my ramp kit from QVC yesterday, so I only have the 4 workouts that come with the standard kit. The steps in this workout are very basic and easy to follow (pushing off the ramp and marching in place/triple steps - cha cha cha with one foot on the ramp). There are about as many variations as there are on one of Leslie Sansone\'s workouts - the intensity is about the same, too. I don\'t think an advanced exerciser would get much out of these, but beginners and some intermediate exercisers may enjoy these. I thought the workout was enjoyable, but I don\'t know if it\'s the novelty of the ramp and whether that feeling will last or not after I\'ve done the workout several times. After the cardio portion of the workout there are some squats, cool down and stretch. The whole workout was 39 minutes long.

Instructor Comments: