29-Minute Step Workout

Gin Miller
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Step Aerobics

On cardio work, I am an intermediate exerciser who is playing with advanced choreography. I have found that I LOVE step and enjoy hi/lo workouts. As I have moved into more advanced choreography, I have found that I perceive more basic workouts, especially step workouts, boring and have less tolerance for them. I saw this tape glowingly referred to in a General Discussion thread and decided to try it.

First off, it reminded me of Step & Tone by Gilad, probably because you are stepping at a quick rate using weights. Step & Tone is a strength workout and this one as a cardio workout though. Also, I love Step & Tone, but didnít get into the 29-Minute Step Workout.

Basically, you warm up and then do a series of moves where, as you step up and down at a brisk pace, you do a move with the upper body. Gin groups the upper body moves into logical combinations and youíll do one combination for awhile and then move onto the next. She does give form pointers throughout the workout and suggests modifications, or how to rest and then rejoin.

This tape was done in the late 80s, but doesnít look _too_ dated. There is some big hair, but not one pink legwarmer! Gin leads the workout with a class behind her. The set is pretty simple Ė it looks like a workout studio with a hardwood floor. Donít ask about the music, I donít remember a thing about it.

For people who want a basic, simple step workout, this tape might be a good one for you. The pace of stepping is fairly brisk, so keep that in mind.

Instructor Comments:
This is a young Gin Miller, but her demeanor and cueing was apparently always the same. She is supportive and gives alternatives as the workout progresses.

Laura S.