Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I have done this workout about three times. I havenot purchased the DVD yet. I have been using Exercise TV. Therefore, I cannot speak to the chaptering.

The workout, Like No More Trouble Zones, has 7 circuits with each move repeated twice. This is primarily cardio, with a core circuit in the middle.

If you are familiar with the cardio moves from 30 Day Shred, you will know some of the moves featured in this workout: butt kicks, mountain climbers (standing and prone), moguls (the twisting jump), speed skaters.
There are also some lower impact moves that are not in Shred, such as side kicks, front kicks, back kicks, and standing knee crunches.

It starts with a five minute warm up with more dynamic stretches than cardio moves.

I would rate the intensity intermediate/advanced. Some circuits are definitely easier than others.
The second and the second-to-lat circuits are the hardest, in my opinion. They include some powerful plyometric moves such as 180 degree jump turns, squat jumps, and scissor jumps.
There are two circuits that are mostly kicking or punching moves. These are the easier ones, although the side kick/squat combo can be challenging. There are two circuits that I would place somewhere between these two groups as far as intensity goes. They include some high impact moves such as jump ropes (w/out rope), jumping jacks, and twisting turns.
The core circuit will keep your heart rate up. It includes mountain climbers on the floor, supermans, pike crunches, walking planks (the same as Jari's Spider push ups, except you start from the arms extended position), and plank with oblique twist. I find this circuit quite challenging.
I'm not sure how I feel about including some strength moves in this mainly cardio workout. I'll live with it, because I like the workout enough.
the workout concludes with the same stretch as featured in No More Trouble Zones.

I like this workout. I find it pretty challenging. In fact, yesterday when I did it I kind of felt wiped out. I haven't felt that way every time. I do feel like someone is pushing me a little beyond my limits, though. I like that about Jillian.

The entire workout is about 50 minutes.

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