The Method: Precision Toning

Jennifer Kries
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts

I bought this video out of extreme curiosity about Pilates. I tried some of the Pilates exercises in Oct's Shape mag., but I knew my breathing was all wrong and my form probably wasen't too great either. I'm really glad that I purchased this tape. Jennifer gives great instruction, though at first I was thinking the tape might be too easy, but then it got tougher when the 2nd section started and my legs were like noodles when I was finished! This is definitely not a tape for the beginner exerciser. I have very strong abs, but during the roll/balance sequences I was having trouble controlling my moves. Guess they still need a little precision training. All in all this video is a keeper and I will probably end up buying the series.

One thing though, I buy my tapes for the workout and musical purposes. If they don't have a good sound track forget it. This one was just plain instruction, a little instrumental in the beginning, but that was it. You don't notice the lack of music due to the extreme focus that is needed on your form and breathing to do these exercises correctly. It is a one on one session with your own Pilates personal trainer.

Annie S.