MTV Power Yoga

Kristin McGee
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga

I really enjoyed this workout! I felt it had a nice mixture of slower warmup sequences, faster paced warmup sequences, longer holds for the standing postures and a wonderful floor segment that comprised of intense deep stretches for the hips/legs along with some spinal twists. I felt wonderful during and after this workout. I felt relaxed, stretched and challenged throughout.

The DVD is chaptered so that on the menu you can select either the entire 45 minute workout, the shorter version which is 28 minutes or the floor stretches which is 10 minutes. The only sequence she leaves out in the shortened version is the 10 minute 3rd sequence which has the most challenging standing balancing postures which is probably why it's not in the short version. You do one side first consisting of a tree pose into a crescent lunge into half moon then into reverse half moon. Then you repeat on the other leg and then you finish with crow pose. She explained crow pose so thoroughly that I was able to get into the pose and hold it almost the entire time which is unusual for me.

The music is enjoyable and different. When previewing I didn't think I would like the music but when working out with it the soundtrack fit right in with the practice. It's just herself with no other participants and she instructs live with no voiceover. The background setting is not elaborate but very simple and calming.

There are no floor postures such as camel, bow, core etc. other then the last 10 minute deep intense stretching for the lower body and spine. She goes into shivasana for a couple minutes and ends with you sitting in cross legged pose. The first 38 minutes is all standing postures and if I remember correctly it's broken into 3 standing sequences after the various warmup vinyasas. You do a set of standing postures on one side, then repeat onto the other side. Then you move onto standing sequence #2 and then #3. There were some innovative unique flow patterns to make this yoga workout stand out a 'little' bit. I also felt it was much different then her MTV Yoga workouts so I didn't feel like I was doing the same practices.

Instructor Comments:
Kristen has a really cute, warm and engaging personality and she smiles the entire time In my opinion she has a wonderful enthusiasm with her instruction/teaching style.

Deb R