Michelle Austin
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Ballet/Barre

The Bar:
The bar is really nice. Really solid and the mat feels good on my feet.

The one thing about equipment is the pump for the ball is junk, and the tip broke off while I tried to inflate the ball. I've got other pumps, but I figured i'd mention it.

The workout:

The workout was very LB, BM, Callanesque. Callan has far more reps, but this toasted my legs and rear, and it also was *fun* (Callan makes me want to pull my hair out with boredom)

There's some band work for the rotators and deltoids, and then pullups (using the bar. I loved this) and pushups and dips.

I will add this to my weekly rotation. On a cardio day. Perhaps 3x a week if I can manage it. I can skip the band work and just do the pullups as far as upper body goes to make it shorter (for adding it on)

Instructor Comments:
I really like Michelle.

She has a professional-yet-friendly demeanor and her voice is nice to listen to.

She does not get dramatic nor does she rave about how great you will look in shorts.

I appreciate that I saw her leg shaking during one workout and that they all looked slightly awkward during the pretzels.