Body Bar: Strong Step

Sherry Catlin
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Body Bar , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

I like this video. I think it is fun. Not whooping, hollering, party fun. Just enjoyable, "this feels good" fun.

Kristin did a good job of breaking it down...and of pointing out that it is 60 minutes long, not 90. My box says 30 minutes step and 30 minutes conditioning, but I had to wait a couple of weeks when I ordered it because of a manufacturer's delay. So, I would guess that maybe there were boxes that said 90 minutes, but the cover was probably redone to be correct before my tape was shipped.

Collage says this tape is intermediate/advanced and Kristin says it leans more towards intermediate. I would say more towards the intermediate/advanced line.

The step part is short, but fun. If you put in all of the advanced modifications (backwards V steps, turns, shuffles, etc)it can be pretty complicated. I would say if you do what Sherry does, it is advanced. If you want to stay with Tanya (the easier exerciser), it is intermediate/advanced. If you stay with LaShaun (the easiest exerciser) it is intermediate. At least choreography wise.

The impact level depends on which exerciser you follow. There was only one turn (the one where you pivot to the end)in the advanced routine that made my knees say "absolutely no". So, the impact or intensity level is probably high intermediate/low advanced.

But the important part is: the step portion flows extremely well, and the music is good. That, with good cuing, makes the step portion a winner to me.

A pet peeve is that there is no cool down between the step and the strength work. I really think there should be one.

The Body Bar segment is interesting too. In the standing part, we are usually doing compound exercises so I'm busy thinking about what my arms are doing while I do so many one legged squats and lunges that my brain would scream if it knew what my legs were doing.

The floor work is done laying (or is it lying?) on the step instead of the floor. It's interesting the way the body bar is incorporated into this part. I like the reverse crunches with the bar held under your knees. And I like the pushups with the bar across the step to hold onto. I will keep this one in my memory as a way to do pushups without carpal tunnel pain.

The strength workout didn't seem very difficult when I did it, but it did make my upper body a little sore the next day. It probably comes from working muscles slightly differently than normal.

I wouldn't pick this 1/2 of the video for a serious strength day, but then again lately I HATE serious strength days. So doing both parts of this tape will be a great way to get strength work on weeks when I don't manage to squeeze in enough of the real thing.

All things considered, I really like this tape and will keep it out in the "to choose from" pile when I work out.

Instructor Comments:
Sherry is a low key instructor. Some people are turned off by her lack of enthusiasm. I like her. She seems very professional to me. In this video,she occasionally announces the wrong number of repetitions ("8 more") then says "I lied" and only does 4 more. Or she says "one more", then "I lied" and does 2 more. It might just be me, but I like it when she admits she lied. I'm notorious for yelling at the television "you lied...that was 4 more" at other instructors.

Laura (LCC)