Get Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Ripped 1000 is instructor Jari Love's fourth DVD. In this workout, she combines some of the best aspects of her three previous releases plus adds a new twist, cardio intervals. Ripped 1000 follows the same basic principle as the original Get Ripped--ie, you will do a small series of exercises using a high number of repetitions and varied counts (4-4, 3-1, 2-2, etc.). From her second workout, Slim & Lean, Jari includes pulsing reps, and she also includes compound moves similar to those found in her third workout, Ripped to the Core. As I mentioned above, Ripped 1000 also adds cardio intervals using a step (but modifications are always shown without). All of this, and you get Jari's simple, no-nonsense instruction style as well.

The Main Menu on this DVD is as follows: Introduction--Full Workout--Full Workout (Cardio Modifications)--Exercises--Bonus Features--Credits. For the Full Workout with Cardio Modifications, an inset appears on screen showing an alternative option. The Exercises segment is basically a chapter breakdown showing the 20 total chapters: warm-up, 9 cardio segments, 9 strength segments (including abs), and cool-down. Here as with all of the Ripped DVDs, Jari works out with four background exercisers, each of whom shows varying equipment, modificiations, and weight loads (the latter of which are helpfully shown on screen at the start of every exercise).

As in her other workouts, Jari uses light weights for the warm-up and quickly moves through all of the major muscles of the body in the form of squats, side squats, dead lifts, bicep curls, and overhead presses. She then sets the weights down to do some warming up on the step, and she finishes with some stretches for a total of about 5 minutes. The workout itself alternates short cardio intervals (about 1.5 minutes each) with weight segments. For the cardio segments, Jari performs a single move, starting off slow, moving to a quick tempo, then going back to slow and ending with a stretch (there's no choreography to learn). Each weight segment ends with a stretch as well. Here is a general breakdown of the workout:

Cardio 1 (stepovers with jacks)
Side Squat with Lunge Back
Cardio 2 (pulsing squat to skiers)
Stiff Leg Deadlift with Reverse Lunge
Cardio 3 (front toe taps)
Pulse Squat-Pulse Lunges
Cardio 4 (up-up down-down)
Push-Ups (70 declining reps--ie, 16-14-12-10-8-6-4)
Cardio 5 (up-up down-down, other leg)
Clean and Press
Cardio 6 (side taps to skier)
Wide Leg Squat with Biceps Curl
Cardio 7 (down-jack up-jack)
Triceps Extension with Leg Abduction (very unique balance move)
Cardio 8 (football runs)
Chest Press and Chest Flye
Cardio 9 (football runs, other leg)
Abs (lying to stand move with weight, straight leg hip raises, legs in and out, crunch with single leg squeeze, double leg lowers, brief bicycle)
Stretch (floor, standing, step)

The entire workout comes in at just under an hour. I'm a high intermediate exerciser, and I was able to follow Jari's weight loads for most of the moves. However, sometimes I had to modify the compound moves by doing the lower body only, and the only way I made it through the push-up sequence is by doing them on my knees and resting during the 6 reps. For the most part, however, the workout felt quite doable (for some reason, I found this one a bit easier than Ripped to the Core), so I was surprised that after doing it the first time, I was sore for days after!

I have heard several criticisms of this workout; here are my responses to each of them:

1) Not enough cardio. You are doing brief, high intensity cardio intervals here, not steady state cardio. My heart rate went up during the cardio and stayed up for the weight segments.

2) Too much stretching. Personally, I love all the stretching--I need those breaks! But if you really have a problem with it, you can easily continue the cardio for a bit longer than Jari does.

3) Not enough triceps work. No, there isn't as much as in Jari's other workouts, but my triceps feel it anyway! Try doing the triceps french press with one arm instead of two (as the male background exerciser does) and you should be fine.

4) You need to keep turning your step. Not really--just do the cardio facing the side and the weight work facing front.

One last thing: the name of this workout supposedly comes from the idea that you will burn 1000 calories while doing it. That seems a little far-fetched to me, but according to my HR moniotr, I'm generally burning close to 500, which I think is still pretty darn good for a 1-hour workout. Get Ripped is definitely an intermediate to advanced workout that will challenge most exercisers out there; highly recommended!

Instructor Comments:
I really appreciate Jari's no-nonsense style, although others may find her to be dry. She provides very good mirrored cueing and offers helpful form pointers as well.

Beth C (aka toaster)