Get Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Okay, I did Ripped 1000 last night. Hmmm, I liked it okay, but I was a little flustered with the equipment changes. You really need to get your step out and set up and ready to go before you even start as the cardio comes up quickly. And it's placed vertical to the tv/screen sometimes and other times parallel...I finally decided that keeping it at an angle worked for me. I could do whatever they were doing and still see them I think due to the speed of some of the cardio steps, I would do them on a 4" step (no risers) rather than my customary 6". She has the same fast taps that Cathe does in Imax 2 and I finally figured those out (but can't do those on 6"!). Same with the football runs (which DH hollered about because you are doing impact and he is worried about the flooring...sigh). I didn't wear a heart rate monitor since I was really doing it as a preview (I rarely just watch them the first time), but I know my heart was racing during some of these cardio segments!!!

I appreciate the stretching in between each segment, but I am wondering if it may cause the heart rate to drop too fast/too much. Still stretching is something I need more of!!! It was getting quite late so I did skip the ab section and final cooldown and stretch...but your core gets quite a workout all through the workout, esp. during some of those cardio routines!

Jari has modifications always being shown...and each of the Rippers (Jari included) takes turns showing them. Love that!!! And as always, the weights are displayed to guide you.

I do think this one should be previewed before doing or if you are a jump-right-in-and-do-it previewer like me, at least realize that as you're struggling along A keeper? Oh my yes..I was thinking while doing this one that Jari and Laurie might have inspired me into doing a Ripped rotation (with Charlene Prickett cardio interspersed) this winter...she might have actually derailed my planned SS rotation!!!

Instructor Comments:
There has been some comments on Jari's ribs in this one, but I think she looks great. Marvelous musculature and lean. Love the curly do:) She seems to be having more fun in this one. Her cueing isn't as great as it usually is, but as I learn this one, that won't be a problem. I do recommend if you can, study it through the first time...a real preview...make notes, THEN tackle it...I think that will make it go more smoothly and you'll get a better workout.

Lydia Jasper