Get Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I have always liked Jari Love's workouts, and this is an original and tough addition to the series. For almost an hour, you do weight segments interspersed with very short blasts of cardio. The cardio blasts are simple but tough, usually using the step (but somebody always shows floor-only modifications). Many of the cardio segments, i.e. the "football" drill on the step and the fast run up onto, then down off of, the step are repeated twice. Another includes jumping jacks on and off (straddling) the step, yet another is like the straddling fast toe taps that Cathe does in the IMAXes. There are also side to side lunges off the step and jump-rope. No cardio blast is more than maybe 2 minutes tops.

The weight leg segments are killer. In one, you do squats off the side of the step, then the back of the step -- then you add in front delt raises. In another, you do side abductors (standing on the step)with tricep french press. Non-step-utilizing segments include plie with bicep curls (LOTS of them)and the clean n press, which incorporates squats. Lots and lots of reps.

These segments are highly anaerobic! You also do a "pushup party" where Jari takes you through about 70 pushups, but done in decreasing sets (from 16 reps to 6 reps). There are also pulsing chest flies/chest presses, then a short ab workout.

Some of the music is recycled from Jari's older workouts, and some if it has been used in Cathe and other workouts.

Cons: They give you no warning about equipment changes for the next segment. I often had to pause in order to reposition the step (sometimes it's vertical, sometimes it's horizontal) or lay out my mat. I also did not ultimately feel as though my triceps got a good workout -- they are worked in combination with those abductors, so balance was more of an issue than working the muscle.

Instructor Comments:
Jari is as ever a calm, down-to-earth, soothing friendly presence. Those who don't like her constant talk of burning carbs, calories and "standing proud" won't be pleased. Personally, I don't mind it. She does have a phrase that sounded funny to me at first, something like "Good on you" at the end of various segments.

On a frivolous note, she's got curly hair now! :) She looks if possible even fitter and slimmer than she did in the earlier videos.

She occasionally asks "are you smiling?" and every time, the handsome male background exerciser behind her dutifully cracks a smile.