Traci Lords
Year Released: 1988

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Okay, lately I've been fascinated by little known workouts that I run across at various places. I picked this one up at Borders last night for $5.00. It's pretty terrible. I only tried the Calorie Burner from the Rotation & Motivation Series, but that was enough to show me how horrible this workout series is. People can have varying taste with regard to whether they like a particular instructor or certain choreography, etc., but who on earth is this workout marketed for when the instructors aren't coordinated, can't cue and can't keep time to the music? I kept thinking if they had had someone leading this workout who was a little more fit, who could cue better and keep time to the music and if the music were a little better, it could have been an okay workout. But then again, I guess that makes it a completely different workout, doesn't it?

P. S. There's also a section led by Traci Lords - I only took a peek - that's all I could stand...

Instructor Comments:
There were 2 women and one man. They each took turns leading the workout. One of the women did a passable job. The other woman and the man were terrible. Not only could they not cue, they were uncoordinated to boot.